Casino Game – Play Online Slots for Real Money

Casino Game - Play Online Slots for Real Money

Have you ever asked yourself: why are slots the most popular casino gambling game, when there’s roulette, poker and blackjack too, games which are a lot more challenging and thus more interesting? Why do casino owners throw out poker tables from their cardrooms to fill the room up with slot machines instead?

Slots are the simplest ever casino game, and simplicity, coupled with the possibility of winning real money, is extremely attractive for the majority of occasional gamblers.

Slots (and online slots) are the definition of a pure game of luck. Once the reels are spun, there’s absolutely nothing the player can do to influence the results. In the case of real life slots (the ones that have actual reels turning inside) odds for a certain symbol combination can be calculated, because of the fact that each of the reels contains a set number of symbols.

In the case of online slots, odds can’t be calculated. Online slots and video slots work in a similar fashion. Based on digital random-number generators, the sequence of symbols resulting at their outputs is an absolutely random one.

Strategy-wise there are few options available for the slots player, as 99% percent of the game is based solely on blind luck. One thing the player can use to his/her advantage is machine selection.

It is a commonly accepted fact that three-reel machines offer some advantage to the player by virtue of the fact that a 3-symbol combination is easier to obtain than a 4-5 one. (Just think about how many times you’ve managed to flop a 3-of-a-kind in poker, and compare that to how many times you’ve had quads…)

If there were but one winning line on all slot machines, three reelers would definitely hold the advantage. The problem is, that many of the 4-5-6-7 reel slot machines offer more than just one winning line. (some will pay out for as many as 15 such lines) This changes the equation a bit, since it would seem that the more reels a slot machine has the more payout lines it offers too.

What you want to play, is a machine with as few reels and as many paylines as possible. Many online slots will offer a player a bonus round (every once in a while, depending on how much he plays)

The feature that is most attractive in online slots, is the progressive jackpot. Much the same way bad beat jackpots or ‘magic hand’ jackpots work in poker, progressive jackpots are accumulated over a longer period of time, from the losses players register at certain slot machines.

Ofter times, a number of machines are interconnected, and they all contribute to one common pot. Sometimes entire online casinos link up their slot machines and thus give birth to a huge progressive jackpot. The actual chances of a player hitting this jackpot are quite minor, though it’d be reasonable to consider that whoever hits it, will never ever have to play or work a single day in his/her life again.

A novelty thing concerning slot machines – something you might not yet have heard of – are online slots tournaments.

What you should never fail to do before paying the buying to such a tournament, is to read the rules. There are no universally accepted rules regarding online slots tournaments, so, while you’ll pretty much know what to expect by signing up for a poker tourney, an online slots ( or real slot machine) tourney might have a few surprises up its sleeve for you.

The buyin goes down the same way it does in poker tournaments. The player is then seated to a slot machine and play begins. The person to show the highest sum of money at the end of a set period of time, will win the tourney. Prizes will be paid out of the prize-pool made up by all the buyins. Sometimes, it’s not the person with the most money at the end of the tourney who wins.

It might well be that the person with the biggest win on a bonus round will be awarded overall victory. This is why it’s important that you know what you’re getting yourself into, before you actually enter a tournament.

Probably the most important thing on any slot machine is the payout percentage or payout frequency. This refers to the number of spins (on average) a player has to make in order to hit a winning line. There are tight and loose slot machines, according to the above named criteria.

A tight machine will hit a winning line less frequently but the winnings themselves will be bigger every time it hits, a loose machine will pay out much more often, though the amount of every single win will be less.

Slot machine (both real and online slots) payout percentage is between 88-96, 97 %. This means, that for every 100 dollars put into the machine by players it will pay out about 96-97 dollars.

Before you say that doesn’t seem lucrative at all, remember that you may well be paid out money lost by someone else before you, and thus earn more than you lose.

Play Instant Casino Games: No Downloads Required

Play Instant Casino Games: No Downloads Required

Online casinos are blooming wildly these days. More and more online casino sites are popping out every day. And with Internet connection, you can easily play casino games online with a few downloads and clicks of the mouse. Playing casino games has never been this easy but how about if you are too tired to download the software?

Well, there is another alternative available to you. Say hello to no-downloading casino games! These casino games require no downloading and so that means more playing time for you and shorter waits. The sound and graphics of these no-download casino games are parallel to the casino games that require downloading. The no-download casino games are the casino’s way of providing right and there play time for casino players who cannot wait long.

These no-download casino games are called flash casinos. As the name goes, you need a flash player already installed on your computer for the games to play. Once the flash player is set up then you need not download the flash player again and again if you switch from flash blackjack to flash poker. It is that convenient.

No-downloads of lesser quality compared to the downloaded ones? Again, no-download or flash casino games are of the same quality in sound and offer awesome graphics too. Flash casino games offers progressive jackpots and huge bonuses as the downloaded ones. It still has the same amount of security and privacy level only the technology used differ.

And yeah, flash casino games do not occupy space on your computer. It is not downloaded into your computer in the first place. And just because it easy to start playing, you may find flash casino games simple, easy to understand and fast.

If you are an occasional player and play at whim, flash casino games are ideal for you. You just have to sign-in to your selected online casino site, launch flash casino games you like and after a few seconds you could be playing already in the same environment as downloaded ones. Isn’t that great?

And again, the creation of flash casino games has changed the way you play casino games online. Lessing the time to get playing, more players like flash casino games instead of the downloaded ones. Aside from that, casino flash games don’t take up computer space. Never mind those slow connection times, flash games allows you to play casino games in no time. And it is still the same secured and huge returns online casino game.

Free Yourself From Gambling Addiction

Free Yourself From Gambling Addiction

There is not a day that we do not take a risk. We make a gamble every time we go to work, fighting our way through heavy traffic and reckless drivers. At anytime, fate can spin the wheel and we can find ourselves on the losing end. We gamble with our lives with every second of our existence. But, does that mean we should succumb to a life of gambling?

A gambler is a person who plays a game of chance for stakes. Examples of these are pari-mutuels, like off-track-betting parlors, horse and dog tracks and Jai Alai, casinos which include slot machines and table games, bookmaking which consists of sports books and horse books, card rooms, bingo and the stock market. A pathological gambler, on the other hand, is someone who has a problem with impulse control that leads them to gamble more than they should.

This is a progressive disease that has three phases: the winning phase, the losing phase and the desperation phase. In the winning phase, the gamblers become overly confident after getting a lot of wins. During this phase, they tend to bet big amounts of money which increase as they keep on winning.

At some point, when the gambler’s luck has started to run out and the losing phase has begun, the gambler becomes more and more attached to gambling. They start looking back to their past wins. They borrow money from friends and relatives, waiting for their lucky streak to return. Because they experience a lot of stress in their need to achieve their goal of winning back their losses, they becomes irritable and withdrawn when they are at home. This causes them to ruin their relationships with their family and friends.

At some point, due to the loss of so much money, the need to regain the money they have lost becomes more intense. Additionally they spend more time gambling rather than supporting their family. They may find themselves doing something illegal just to support their gambling. Even worse, they may even considering suicide and other self-destructive actions.

If you can see yourself in any of these three situations, do seek professional help before it’s too late. Perhaps you could try an outpatient rehabilitation program if you feel that you can’t leave your job or your family for this treatment. You can easily earn money from your job but it is difficult to rebuild a career and a relationship.

Using Neteller for Online Casino Transactions

Using Neteller for Online Casino Transactions

Neteller is one of the more popular and commonly used electronic payment systems for online casino transactions. The Internet has completely revolutionized the casino gambling industry, including the method of paying for casino deposits or distribution of winnings. Neteller frees you from the hassle of waiting in a long queue for your monetary transaction to be finished.

If you are a person who prefers not to settle your online casino payments with one of your credit cards, then Neteller can provide you with a viable alternative for transferring funds to your account. You can look forward to a safe and quick method. Neteller gives you a guarantee that you can still play blackjack or poker in an online casino site. Security of transactions is vital especially with the rise of fraud on the Internet.

The good thing about Neteller is that you can make deposits to your online casino account without furnishing your personal information toe the casino website. At the onset, you can make the necessary arrangements with Neteller and its smooth sailing onwards. Setting up an account with Neteller is easy and you will not shell out anything when registering. The company is geared towards ensuring the safety of your transaction. Once you have established an account with them, you will be assigned your own password. The website of Neteller is very accessible online in any location worldwide.

In addition, you can look forward to a worry-free session because Neteller provides a 24/7 customer support. You can talk to a customer service representative anywhere in the world with its multi-lingual staff that is ready to help you out through e-mail, chat, or telephone.

Moreover, you can have a guarantee of a worthwhile online casino experience. Transferring money to your account should always be a major concern. With Neteller, you can have an assurance that the money you are transferring is in secured hands. You can use Neteller to fund your online casino account as well as withdraw your winnings

However, if you are in the United States or Canada, Neteller does not allow online casino transactions in these areas. But if you are in other parts of the world, you can take advantage of the convenience that Neteller offers.

With Neteller, you can always conduct your online gambling transactions confidently, securely, quickly, and with peace of mind knowing that a trusted and reliable company like Neteller is handling your money.

Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

The useful strategy for Caribbean Stud Poker is very simple. First stand back from those optional side bets. Even though the progressive ante looks very attractive, it is mostly a poor betting pattern. For a raising bet, you need to raise on any bettor or pair, fold on something less than an Ace and King and it is wise to raise and fold on Ace and King occasionally.

The Caribbean Stud Poker game has an inbuilt house benefit of 5.26%. Hence, for each $100 bet, a player bets, in the long haul, he/she loses $5.26. The casino houses have adopted sound Caribbean strategy that restricts the players to certain extent and simultaneously controls the bankroll fluctuation that a player finds.

The most crucial decision that a player often faces is whether to raise or fold a bet once the card is dealt. Generally, main four possible results from this crucial decision include:

  1. Player may lose and fold ante bet.
  2. Player may raise and win only on ante bet, since the dealer failed to qualify.
  3. Player may raise and win both ante as well as raise bet, since the dealer is eligible and wins against the dealer’s hand.
  4. Player may raise and lose both ante as well as raise bet, since the dealer is eligible and loses against dealer’s hand.

At times, your decision to raise a bet needs to be a “no-brainer” especially if you have a flush, so that they can raise and hope that the dealer certainly becomes ineligible. Many times, it becomes necessary for a player to fold. For instance, if you fail to have a pair or an Ace or King in a hand, do not take any decision that ruins the whole betting.

Players need to play around all pairs irrespective of the dealer’s face up card. Pairs are often dealt a little more than 42% of the total time. Of the entire thirteen achievable pairs, seven have an upbeat probability that means they (players) need to win more times than they drop in the long haul. Three among those pairs are also an upbeat possibility, when the face up card of the dealer is equal or lower than the pair of the player. Finally, three pairs are likely to lose in the long haul (2’s, 3’s and finally 4’s). Hence, ten out of thirteen possible pairs show a profit possibility and three do not.

Never try to bet with a weak hand. Here, the possibilities are simply against you. If you are placing a bet with a weak hand, then you are betting the trader who has less than a strong hand. Winning through this way rewards you only on your ante bet (1 to 1). Hence, if you have been beaten, both your full bet and ante bet have foregone. Always fold, when you have less than an Ace and King.

Bluffing is a standard poker game strategy to make an opponent fold. The trader in no way folds all cards, so bluffing in Caribbean Stud Poker has no positive expectation. Hence, avoid this strategy as far as possible in this unusual poker game.